NBA Hair Art by Rob Ferrel

by - June 05, 2014

 Hair Artist & Master Barber from Los Angeles, California, uses new media to educate/display his work around the world. It all started eight years ago, Rob was working in a barber shop in Texas when local kids started bringing in request for hair art. 

“At first it was simple patterns and designs, but now if they bring me any image, I can replicate it in their hair,” Rob says.

 Some of his popular basketball-themed styles continue from Spurs and Heat fans alike. Rob's toolkit includes standard barber clippers, razors, and colored eyeliner for the finishing touches. 

“You can only do so much with hair, so the eyeliner perfects the picture and makes it look realistic.”

 “I create every shape and shade on the portrait—like a puzzle,” Rob says.

Today, Rob is a professional hair artist and founder of Rob the Original Barbershop in San Antonio. To see more of Rob's creative hair art follow him on Instagram @robtheoriginal, Twitter or Facebook.  

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